Here are some frequently ask questions:

Symbol Is hypnosis dangerous?
Just like a pair of scissors, yes it can be dangerous in the wrong hands! We are very competent hypnotists with many techniques at our disposal.  When you come to us with an issue, we will work together to solve the issue and you will leave feeling fantastic.
Symbol Will I wake up or what if I don't?
You will return to your normal state after a hypnosis session. Even if we were to dropped dead half way through a session, which we haven’t done yet, you would return to normal consciousness within a short while.
Symbol What if I can't be hypnotised?
We believe everyone can be hypnotised if they want to be. You can try and fight it if you want, but what would be the point in paying us to do a job and then trying to stop us? Everyone is different, but you will achieve a state of hypnosis sufficient to induce significant change.
Symbol What if I think I was not hypnotised?
This is very common, as your conscious mind comes back into play, it tries to rationalise the experience for you and tells you that you were not hypnotised. You will still achieve the results you desire, but your conscious mind will tell you that you are achieving them by yourself, rather than through hypnosis. During the session we will use various ‘convincers’ to show you that you are hypnotised.
Symbol How many sessions will it take?
Most of the time we achieve the results you are after within one or two sessions. Everyone is different, with different issues, its what makes it interesting and challenging.
Symbol What does being hypnotised feel like?
It is incredibly relaxing and calming, probably the most relaxed you will have been in a long time. You can hear everything going on, move around to get comfortable, scratch, cough etc.
Symbol What if my issue is daft and you laugh at me?
No matter what the issue is, if it is bothering you then it needs to be resolved. We have had clients with what may seem to many people like ridiculous worries, but to them they are serious. We do not judge anyone and we are completely neutral, we have a job to do and will do it to the best of our abilities.
Symbol What if I do not want to tell you my issue?
That is fine in some cases.  We can still be effective without knowing the details, it can be done.
Symbol Can my friend or partner be there?
Of course they can, if you feel it necessary.
Symbol Why do you not give out free CD's of the session?
If we have done our job properly then there will be no need for you to listen to a recording of the session over and over again. The changes will be easy, effortless and lasting for you.