Well the Change|Phenomena 2013 weekend may have come and gone, but the changes in me and all those who attended continue!

For one reason or another I have not managed to make any of the previous events, so this year I just booked my place and worried about the logistics of getting there closer to the time.   After 3 hours sleep and a quick trip to Stansted Airport I was on my way into London, excited but a little early (3 hours early to be exact!).

After sampling the fine cuisine of the local Tesco’s I was all set for the day a head.   I parked up at the University just in time to help the Head Hackers carry in some of their equipment.

I secured my front row seat next to Joe and wondered if it was a wise place to sit, given that I had no idea who would be presenting!

Anthony did a great job as usual introducing the speakers and setting peoples expectations.   First up was Adam Eason, a great talk on Evidence Based Hypnosis.   I personally enjoyed this talk as I think far too many people use anecdotal stories to back up their claims of huge success rates, rather than showing scientific evidence for the methods they use.

Next up was Dr Steve Murray talking about anxiety relating to cardiovascular issues and how he uses hypnosis.   It was great to see hypnosis being used in this kind of setting.   I think all people working in the medical profession should have some sort of hypnosis training as I believe it would have a big impact on reducing the recovery times of patients and the outlook they have on their health.

After lunch Norman Vaughton introduced and demonstrated “Profound Change through Ideodynamic Work”.   It was an interesting demonstration that provoked a lot of though about the different methods of performing change work.

The next guest Maggie Howell gave a very interesting and well presented talk on using hypnosis for birth (and not for birth control as I later referred to it, sorry Maggie).   I had thought about using hypnosis for pain control during birth, but not really thought about the whole process and the many ways hypnosis can be used to alleviate stress and anxiety for both parents.

Finally it was time for the upstanding hair of Alexander Hartmann.   It was a great talk and presentation of the very skills he was talking about.   There were some useful tips to anyone thinking about doing a presentation not just for hypnosis.

Personal highlight of the day was getting to meet Gary Turner.   A very friendly, helpful and inspiring character!   Wish I had been able to make the earlier events where Gary was a guest speaker.

The best part of events like this are getting a chance to talk to like minded people who are willing to share thoughts and ideas so openly.   Its worth the price of the conference just for that opportunity alone without all the great talks!   As usual there simply wasn’t enough time to talk to everyone, but I am already looking forward to next years event.

So thanks again to Anthony Jacquin and the rest of the Head Hackers for organising the conference.   If you are interested in the field of hypnosis and creating positive change within people, then you should definitely think about signing up for next years event!