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First of all I would like to say thanks to Gary Turner for taking the time to do the research and preparation necessary to put on such a well presented event.

Given Gary’s ambitious aims of trying to please all of the attendees and get across the relevant information on several levels, he managed to do an excellent job!

I personally held off asking a few questions as I could see there was a lot of information to be conveyed and a limited amount of time to do it!  I would rather have the information and ask my questions later, once I have had time to digest it all (had to get that pun in there).

The day started off with a lesson in molecules and progressed through to the main hormones in the body and the rolls they play in storing fat. Quite a few myths were blown away and the event ended with some practical and usable information. Everything presented comes from the latest research and Gary does a brilliant job of converting the technical jargon into simple language and images that anyone can follow.

Gary’s presentation skills are excellent and keep you entertained while still conveying the import information in small manageable chunks. There were a couple of periods requiring prolonged concentration but I think this was due to the amount of information still to come and the ever shortening amount of time.

Personally I would have liked to spend a bit more time on the topic of hormones and the interactions between them. But I know that if I have any questions Gary will do his best to answer them.

So for anyone who is serious about gaining control of their own body weight I can highly recommend attending this event. I think Gary is already in the process of arranging the next one.

Knowing Gary the next event will be even better!

I will certainly be using the knowledge and insights gained to improve my own health and that of my clients 🙂