After attending Andy T Austin’s Metaphors of Movement training course last week in London. I though I would write a short review to help anyone who is considering taking any of Andy’s training courses.

‘But what’s it like?’  I hear you ask…..

I have a number of Andy’s products which are all excellent value for money!  Metaphors in my Attic was the starting point for me, after Andy very kindly gave me a free subscription.  I found the online course to be both interesting and entertaining, yet full of very useful information.  So when I had the opportunity to attend the Metaphors of Movement training in London, I decided it was time to meet the man himself.

I had contacted Andy prior to booking the training as I wanted to make sure I would be learning more than the content of Metaphors in my Attic.  Andy replied saying there was a lot of overlap but many new features.

Looking back at the course now I can say it was definitely worth attending.  It made the Metaphors in my Attic seem like an introduction to the subject.  The course was so information dense it was like being at the centre of a neutron star and trying to take it all in!

Andy is a great presenter/teacher and held everyone’s attention for the duration of the course (partly helped by the keyring reward system. I had personally got my eye on the MoM mug the keyrings were stored in!).  It was pure genius to watch him perform several therapy session, teach and entertain all at the same time.  His ability to read people and their metaphors is a little unsettling but amusing to watch 🙂

I think its one of those courses I could attend a second time and still get even more out of it.  The collection of people would be different, the metaphors presented and examined would be new and Andy will probably have updated the content with more discoveries and developments!

I will be spending some time now reviewing my notes and putting it into practice!

But what’s it like……it’s like….


Metaphors of Movement
Metaphors in my Attic